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Over 50,000 Gamers Play to Heal Kids on Extra Life Game Day, Nov. 4

SALT LAKE CITY (Date) — Gamers of all levels and from all categories — console, mobile, PC, table-top, etc. — are uniting for one cause on Saturday, November 4: to save and improve the lives of local kids. Extra Life, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals) fundraising program, helps participants use their love of gaming to impact pediatric patients in their own community.

Participants sign up for the 24-hour gaming marathon and invite friends, family and fans to donate to his or her local CMN Hospital. Last year’s event raised more than $1.4 million on Game Day, contributing to the year’s total of $9.6 million. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $30 million for 170 member hospitals across North America. The secure donations fund the selected hospital’s greatest needs, often including pediatric medical equipment, research, therapy programs and charitable care.

“Gamers intuitively transport into other worlds and are experienced problem-solvers,” said John Lauck, president and CEO of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. “They passionately answer the call to raise critical funds that help heal kids. Extra Life is making a big impact on children’s hospitals, and individual gamers are making countless miracles happen for local kids and families.”

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Miracle Chld: JaKiah

Treated for Wilms’ tumor at Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Starting preschool can be overwhelming for some 4-year-olds. For JaKiah, the hardest part was saying goodbye to her classmates when she was diagnosed with kidney cancer a month and a half into the school year.

During a routine checkup, JaKiah’s primary care physician noticed swelling in her abdomen. They initially believed it was a minor infection, but soon discovered it was an advanced stage of Wilms’ tumor. While her school friends learned the alphabet, JaKiah underwent months of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.


Miracle Child and Extra Lifer: Joe

Treated for cystic fibrosis at KU Medical Center

Taking more than 50 pills a day might be taxing for some, but for Joe it’s as natural as eating or breathing. The regimen is part of his treatment for cystic fibrosis. As Joe’s disease progressed, he was admitted to the local CMN Hospital. His health improved dramatically, thanks to a skilled pediatric team that specializes in the genetic disorder causing damage to his lungs and digestive system.

The care Joe received as an infant continued throughout childhood and adolescence. He faced multiple sinus surgeries and various treatments to combat the increasing severity of his condition. Currently, he visits the hospital every six months for IV treatment “tune-ups.”


Why I Extra Life by Joshua Lopez

I am participating in Extra Life this year in honor of my brother and best friend, Christian Lopez. Christian passed away this August due to cancer, stage 4 rhabdomyosarcoma. He was 13 years old and loved life, laughing, music, travel, wrestling, sports and video games.

On November 5, I will live stream Chris’ favorite games, eat his favorite foods and listen to his favorite music. Playing with me will be Chris’ other siblings, cousins and friends. People will stop by throughout the day to join in the stream. We will eat hot peppers, have in-game tournaments, wear costumes, do pushup contests, take requests from our viewers and possibly have giveaways.


Why I Extra Life by Jeffrey Wright

Hi, my name is Jeffrey Wright, and this is my second year playing for Extra Life. I am 23 and perfectly healthy. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Natalie, and life just keeps getting better and better.

Why do I Extra Life? Because it was at about 400 days in the hospital when my parents lost count of how many days I spent overall. That was by the age of 4.
I was born with a non-diagnosed autoimmune disorder. The first four years of my life were a blur to my parents between all of the doctors’ offices, hospitals, specialists and medical tests. I spent most of those days at two major hospitals, both Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

When I was 6, I contracted a tumor on the lowest spinal section, a type of tumor typically only found in senior citizens. They told us I could become paralyzed and complete recovery was nearly impossible.

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